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Supply Chain Mgt. Career & Job Search Workshops


The Supply Chain Career Overview workshop is the first module of an introductory course in supply chain management and procurement,it explores the concept of supply chain management using Tim-Hortons , Amazon world class supply chain and the Target-Canada fail as case studies.

The job-search aspects explores barriers experienced by new international professionals and offers  strategies for effective job search.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will learn the fundamentals of supply chain management business processes, concepts, and how organizations are using the supply chain management functions to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The workshop addresses job search challenges with a novel job search framework showcasing different strategies for a successful job search.

A list of action plans is presented with a library of resources available to job applicants.

The perfect host for these workshops

  • Colleges and Universities running career focused programs in supply chain management, project management and business administration.
  • Professional associations interested in job-search workshops for their new members.
  • Non-profit organization involved in  youth programs and community development.
  • Organizations working with new immigrants in career development and  integration within the Canada work environment.


  • The Contingent Job Search Process
  • Myths, Perceptions & Barriers
  • Stakeholder's Expectations
  • Kaizen Strategies in Job Search
  • Disruptive Strategies for Success
  • Cerial Job-Search Hierarchy of Strategies